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Impacts of Broken or Dysfunctional Marriage/Relationships on Children

Chapter Ten
Broken Marriages, Broken Relationships: Effects on Children

“The best way to keep children home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant – and let the air out of the tires”.
Dorothy Parker

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Let us deal with first things first. What are the benefits of marriage on children? I mean the benefits that are conferred on children when the parents are functioning and not merely when they are present? This is important as parents can be present with children yet be considerably damaging to their health, as for example when children are abused by their own parents.

Let us look at the main benefits that children in a marriage and in other relationships, be it single or cohabiting, enjoy. The reader should note that there are distinct advantages and benefits of a functioning father, such as providing enforcement of rules and discipline, providing direction, defence and security. In combined efforts with the father, mothers provide comfort, reassurance, encouragement, defence and general provisions. The functions which I have listed above can occur in any functioning relationship, be it cohabiting or marital, so long as they perform these duties as parents. In fact, these functions occur wherever parents function as a reasonable parent should.
Academic performance:Continue this here... 
Rate of before-marriage sex in girls Continue this here...
Parent-child psychological bonds.Continue this here... 
Wellness: Unlike divorced parents,Continue this here... 
Child-abuse: Continue this here...That mothers and wives or women in general have a “softening effect” on men is a socially undeniable fact. Men exercise caution in the presence of their wives. This simple truth has huge benefits on our health 
Continue this here...
The devastating effects of divorce on children

It is sad enough that children are involved or find themselves unwittingly and vulnerably in marital or parental break-ups. They never choose those situations. That is the reality and the truth regardless of the age of such children. The devastating impacts of divorce and separation are more pronounced in children under 20 years old. They bear the brunt of the break-up. Sadly, few couples ever stop to consider such devastating impact on the children.  Put simply, when a marriage comes to an end by any means (death, legal, custom, religion etc), the children suffer considerable consequences. I list below some of these tragic outcomes. I have seen some single parents who deny these events which are well supported by scientific evidence....Continue here please.
The reason for such devastating impact stems from the simple reason that children have an expectation to have two supportive parents within whose realm they enjoy security, provisions of necessities, defence, direction and discipline. Therefore, when a relationship comes to an end, there are major consequences. All of these of course result from a child’s perspective and from a failed expectation/desire to have a fulfilling and happy life.
In the short and possibly in the medium term, the child would wonder what is going on. He or she could not understand Continue this here...
Anxiety and depression: Except when properly managed, the child could become  Continue this here...
Growth Affected: Due to  Continue this here...
2). In the medium term (adolescence)
:Continue this here...

Damaging effects in the medium term: Continue this here...
Further adolescents’ years
Teens also experience Continue this here...
3). Longer term. Continue this here...
Vicious Cycle: In the longer term the Continue this here...
Once in a blue moon one can say divorce confers some benefits on the children in the family. Continue this here...

Table of Contents
Introduction: Every Human Dilemma                                          
Section I
Intimate Relationships
Chapter One:                                                                          
Names Do Matter                                                                               
Chapter Two: 
The Root of Relationships and the Crucible of   

Chapter Three:
The Purpose of Marriage                                                                 
Chapter Four: 
The Choice of Spouse and Partner:
Free Will and the Choices that We Make                                      
Chapter Five: 
Why Marriages and Relationships Fail or                         

Chapter Six:    
Adolescent Relationship: The Turbulent Years                             
Chapter Seven:
Is this Love or Deceit? Why Does “Love” 
Hurt so Badly?                                                                                       
Chapter Eight: 
Advantages and Disadvantages of Marriage                         
And Partnership/Co-habitation Relationships,
With Legal, Medical, Social, Implications                                        
Chapter Nine:  
Consequences of Broken Marriages and
Broken Relationships                                                                          
Chapter Ten:    
Broken Marriages: Effects on Children                                           
Chapter Eleven:
Broken Marriages/Partnerships: Effects on
Relatives, Friends and In-laws                                                           
Chapter Twelve:
Broken Marriages: Effects on Society         
Chapter Thirteen:
Anger and Frustration: Causes,                       
And Management in Relationships                                                    
Chapter Fourteen:
There is Power in Knowing: Talking Frankly with You                  
Chapter Fifteen: 
Relationship Questionnaire/Assessment Scales                         
      Chapter Sixteen:
      Conflict Resolutions in Relationships                                                
Chapter Seventeen:
Sex in Relationships: Snare or Serenity?
Is Sex Necessary?                                                                               

Chapter Eighteen:
Gender Differences: What You Should Know                                 
Chapter Nineteen:
Sample of Marriage/Partnership Agreement                                  
Section II
Platonic Relationships
(Non-Sexual Relationships)
Chapter Twenty:                                                                    
Chapter Twenty One:
Children, Siblings and Extended Family Relationships                        
Chapter Twenty Two:
Business Relationships                                                                                
Section III
Chapter Twenty Three:
Maintenance of Relationships                                                                   
Chapter Twenty Four:
Instances of One-Sided Relationships:
Abuse of Relationships                                                                                
Chapter Twenty Five: 
Stories of Successful and Dreadfully Failed Relationships                 
Twenty Six:                
References                                                                                                         330


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Now Published. 10 Dec, 2009.
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