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How to Avoid, Deal with and Defeat False Accusations against You
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How to Avoid, Deal with and Defeat False Accusations against You

© Dr Joel Akande.  MBBS, MBA, LLB

"Lies have speed but truth, going slowly,  will someday catch up with lies." Joel Akande
There is probably no one in existence that in one way or the other have not experienced false accusation or lies being told against. Lies rule the world but lies ruin lives too.  Banks can tell you that you have made an overdraft when you haven’t with the hope that you may be charged overdraft fees. You may receive an unsolicited letter that you have won a prize when you have not, all in the anticipation that you may fall into a trap of being conned. These are the easy ones. 
What is False Accusation?
False accusation or allegation is a claim that you did or say something which is in fact a lie.
Please bear in mind that false accusations is an attempt to cheat or deprive you of certain things that you possess such as your happiness, work, position,  money, liberty, good name, peace, fame, promotion and so forth.
What if false accusation is about you and your character?
Areas Where False Accusations Are Most Prevalent:
a. Relationships:  Most often this concerns relationships involving families and sexual partners. Frequently, false accusations involve sexual issues especially rape cases. As we shall see below, there are steps that can be taken to deal with false accusations in sexual matters. It may also involve money,  physical or verbal assault, abuse (child abuse or domestic abuse)  or property issues. It may concern nothing as one partner may lie against the other to get out of the relationship (see Her Majesty;s Court Service).
b. Professionals:  Frequently, false accusation can arise when professionals deal with clients. Examples of such professionals are healthcare workers such as doctors (see General medical Council)  and nurses, psychologists and others. Other professionals are lawyers, teachers,  police and politicians who work in public duties.
The important issue is that matters of false accusation can arise when a person in professional authority deals with another person who consults the professional for advice or work.
c. Business and Work: In many occasions at work places, false accusations can be levelled against a work partner, business partner for various reasons such as jealousy, envy or outright hate or attempt to gain advantage such as to be promoted. The claim may concern allegation of stealing/theft, inproper conduct in one area of work or the other.
d. Financials:  In many occasions, false accusations do involve monetary claims such as  false allegation  of misuse or misappropriation of  money in his  or her care. This  may be at work, charity, home, business or government places.
e. Religion:  Pastoral position, clergy and so forth are positions of authority and as such are prone to false accusations. There is no doubt that many workers in religious settings have abused their positions of trust.
f. Crimes:  By its very nature while being accused of false accusation is in itself a crime, one could be accused of having committed a crime such rape, stealing, misuse of funds, inappropriate use of resources at home, work, public places when in fact, such allegations are false. False accusations can be made in court of law by another person especially witnesses and other criminals intending on causing harms or criminals who attempting to “pass the burden” to another person.
g. Property: An individual could be accused of offences relating to property. It could be allegations of misappropriation and misuse of property or stealing.  Such property may not be financial and the size of it does not really matter in the eyes of the law and the accuser.
Consequences or Impact of False Accusations
I. To the Accused: Losses and Gains
1. The victim of false accusation has an utmost task to clear his name in moral and legal perspectives. Otherwise, false accusation may stay and the more it stays undefended, the more people are going to accept it as the truth.
2. False accusation is damaging in private and in public settings. Once a false accusation is made in private, it diminishes the trust between the victim and the accuser. It lowers the joy and happiness between the people involved.
3. False accusation damage relationships
4. Moral: The victim of false accusation may lose promotion, work, confidence, and money, good name built over many years, prestige, dignity, fame and reputation. 
5. Business of the victim of false accusation may collapse on the basis of false claims as we have seen in accusations relating to Churches, Mosques  and other businesses.
6. If the issue of false accusation is to be proved or disproved in court of law or in public places, the accused will lose his privacy and good name.
7. Monetary/Finance: A lot of time, money and energy may be required to prove or disprove the accusations.
8. If it’s a crime punishable by any means, the victim may be unjustly imprisoned or punished otherwise. Money and time may be lost. Relationships with children, friends and family may be broken.
9. Health: False accusations have serious health consequences. At the outset, the victim is bewildered. He may become anxious, agitated, sleepless, depressed and be seriously ill mentally. Mania or Hypomania may develop as a result of false accusation or the accuser may be suffering from the disease while making false accusations.
10. Harm: Physically, person suffering false accusation may self-destruct by self neglect, suicide ; have high blood pressure and suffer peptic ulcer due to anxiety and trouble of disproving the claims. All these should be restricted.
11. Criminality: The accused, uncontrolled may commit crimes such as murder in anger by killing or seriously harming the accuser.
Foundations of False Allegations: Why is it done at All?
 False allegations arise for the following reasons:
a. Sheer bitterness and envy against the success or person of the victim. The victim may also be vulnerable and he/she is defendless,  so the accuser may think.
b. The accuser is simply lacking in self-confidence.
c. The accuser and the victim are in trusting position 
d. The victim may have somewhat, offended the false accuser ( via failed promises, via what the accuser sees as action or inaction, use  or misuse of words etc)  to the extent that the accuser decided to bring the victim down to his or her knees. This is a case of misunderstanding.
e. Its all about self-preservation and survival. The accuser is selfish or wants promotion, recognition and fame. 
f. The victim being accused is not careful enough to know the nature of the accuser and so may divulge confidential information to the false accuser who will in turn twists words and your good intentions.
g. The victim may be behaving in a way to suggest and  or give strength to the accuser to advance the true event beyond what actually happened.
h. The accuser may be acting at the orders or instruction of a third party that may be envious or bitter at the victim. So the accuser is a “mule” or “puppet” in the hands of the real persons.
i. The victim may unwittingly fall into temptation. At this, the victim may not have done anything wrong. However, in law an attempt is counted as if the victim had carried out the allegations as stated. This may happen in rape. If you have not raped somebody but you have your trousers down in a compromised position, you may be accused of attempted rape.

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I've been searching for answers and this article did an excellent information trying to understand the side of the accuser and the accused or the victim. I was allegedly accused of falsehood in our school. After using my co-teacher's classroom for rehearsal, few minutes after like 10 to 15 minutes, my co-teacher's money was stolen. There's a cctv cam along the corridor nearest to the classroom I used. Outside the classroom, the surroundings didn't have much people anymore at that time except the students I taught in the classroom, 3 muslims and 1 christian, and the other classroom where parents, pupils and few teachers who were attending to a tutor. I was the last person to leave the classroom because I had to fix and arrange the things inside, turned off the aircon, lights and unplugged electric equipment without touching the teacher's table and things. The classroom has a backdoor unlocked for the maintenance to clean the rooms every after dismissal in the late afternoon. When the teacher informed me of the stolen money, she called me right away which I left the school already. Then, I sent sms or text messages to the principal about the incident happened. Few days later, the school admin called the 4 students and questioned them. No one admitted the stealing. Until, I finally called by the principal and asked kindly and nicely to me to admit or accept that I was the thief because they saw me at the video leaving the classroom last. I replied in a nice way too to the attempt of allegation that it is against my principle to accept the mistake I did not commit and my conscience is clear. I even encouraged the authority to continue the investigation. Thank you my e-expert for the reply to my email message. How I wish to solve this problem as soon as possible but I think it will take much longer.

Comment by Alex Suan - October 25,2012 @ 03:41 AM

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