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Songs of Beauty and Poems

The Beautiful.  More Free Poems About Your Beauty and Romance Here.
Copyright: Dr Joel Akande, 2010

The rose scents delighfully
Brighter and blooming in spring
In sunshine, radiates glory even from afar
A beautiful attraction that can not be hidden
Curving majestically  i...

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Now Published. 10 Dec, 2009


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Table of Contents

About the Author  
About the Book



Section I:   Healthy Living                                                        
                    Eating, Prevention of Diseases

Section II:  Romantic and Happiness                                     

Appreciation including Celebrations 

Section III: Family and Relationships                                    
                     Children, Spouses, Friendships
                     Weddings and or courtships and dating

Section IV: Adversities and Victory                                       
                     Bereavement, Illnesses (Mental /Physical),                    
                     Failure, Frustrations, Abuse,            

Section V:   Nature                                                                   

Life And The Human Condition

Section VI: Prayer and Encouragement                              

Section VII: Leadership: Work and Business                    


Section VIII:  Beauty: Dedication to Women                     

Further Information                                                           


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Related up-coming book in Fall/Winter 2010

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Being Pretty: am I not beautiful?

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