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Free Professionally Pre-Written Sample Letters or Notes of Encouragement
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Free Professionally Pre-Written Sample Letters or Notes of Encouragement

Copyrights to these letters:   Dr. Joel Akande

Key steps in writing letters of encouragement:

1. Letter or notes of encouragement should be brief and to the point. Persons in distress hardly have the time for long–winded conversation, but the letter should not be too abrupt.
2. If you are familiar with the individual or have a close or professional relationship, the letter may be a bit longer.
3. Words of encouragement should be helpful, giving positive advice and reassurance at very difficult time.
4. Note that your encouragement may also be part of a larger discussion in a letter or in a direct face-to-face discussion.
5. See further details on how to write or conduct words of encouragement in different situations in this book....

Samples of Notes and Letters:
I have just learnt from..... (Insert the person that told you) that you have lost your (insert name or relationship say your darling wife/husband...)
Please accept my heartfelt commiseration. My family’s prayer is with you at this time.
If there is anything that I can do to help, kindly let me know.
Yours sincerely,
I received with sadness the passing of …. (Insert name or relationship: Friend, son, spouse etc).
I am at my wit’s end to understand how this could have happened at this time. But, be consoled in the knowledge that he (or she) is now at rest. I wish you great strength and comfort at this difficult time.
Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.
Dear ….
I am sorry to hear that you are unwell. In all of us, strengths do come and go and we sometimes feel under the weather. Knowing you, I am sure; it’s a matter of time before you are on your feet again.
I wish you well and quick recovery. (If appropriate, add the next sentence:) Big cheers and smiles when you receive this card.
Darling (husband or wife),
You have been a pillar of strength for me and the children when we were unwell. I am certain; this blip is a matter of time. It too will pass. So stay strong. All is going to be well with you.
Your husband (or wife)/ Yours with affection,
My dear (sons or daughters/ kids of up to adolescent age. Insert name necessary)
The swimming pool is vacant; the football is incomplete without you. The playground is yearning for your return. But illness needs attention too so you can get back on your feet. So, let the medic’s help you get better. I know you will be well soon. Therefore stay strong.
Anger, Frustration and Failure
Your Dad/Mum,

To Family/Friend with Still born or dead child.

Dear …
Language can sometimes not express human true feelings. I am indeed saddened by your loss. Things happen that we can not explain. May your sadness be turned unto joy for you.  If there is anything that I can do to help, please feel free to let me know.

Your friend,

I wonder what the doctors were doing with their sharp knife, on you. I am certain however that it’s all for your good. Do heal quickly. I do know that you will be on your feet soon.  My family sends their love.  I hear that you are as strong as ever. Do keep up the smiling spirit.
I look forward to seeing you soon.

Dear ... (Friend, colleague, business associate, etc)
I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful support (or change it to services, gifts) that you gave me. I will forever cherish this sweet memory.
Please accept my gratitude for your kindest support towards me.
Yours sincerely,
Dear.... (Including religious themes)
I am writing as way to show my appreciation for the invaluable assistance that I received from you during my... (Mention the circumstances if appropriate say graduation, illness, bereavement, christening, wedding etc).
I shall with fondness, remember your generosity that you rendered to me.
I pray the Lord to enrich you in many ways than one, in return for your kindness towards me and.... (Insert: Family, business, friends, sons, daughters etc).
Once again, thank you and God bless you.
Yours sincerely,

Sample Words for Tragedy (accidents,  trauma, injuries, fire, drowning etc)

Dear (...),
I am sending you this little note hoping  that you will find comfort these words: I am deeply touched by the tragic accident that happened to you ( or your family/friends etc).  You could not have prevented it as I am sure you did all you could humanely do to prevent  the incident. My prayer is with you always. I will be visiting you shortly, if you permit, in the hospital (or home).  In the meantime, may you be comforted and strengthened from day to day.  Stay strong.



Sample Words of Encouragement for Divorce and Separation

Dear (insert name)
I am sorry to hear that you and your spouse (insert name) are having some difficulties.
While I am hoping that you will find a common and amicable ground to reach resolution, I am pleading with you to stay strong at this time, for your sake and your children.  Have some rest and please keep well.



Terminal Illness

I am awfully sorry to learn of your health situation. I am writing this letter with the aim to cheer you up even in the midst of your most challenging circumstances.  Remember how you put smiles on my face when I was unwell. I am hoping you have not lost the charming smile that drives the blues away.
My prayers and thoughts are with you always. I look forward to seeing you soon. May God bless and keep you.

Your friend,


Thank You Letter

I want to express my gratitude for your support during my illness (or difficult times etc).
I thank you most sincerely for your financial contribution (or put: for your love and care). True friends are rare and real friends show up during challenging times. You are one of the rare gems of friends in the world. I am grateful that I can count on you.
With love always,

Letter to a Student

I heard the good news that you are now in a College/University/.... It’s good to know you are making such a wonderful progress in your studies. I am very proud of you. Do remember that success demands hard work and endurance which I am sure you possess in reasonable amount. Just to add that, learning is about studying and making enquiries.
Do ask friends and teachers for help in understanding difficult subjects.  I am wishing you a good success. I am sure you will have a lot to teach me, when I see you. Let’s I forget, remember your physical exercise too.
Cheers and let me know if you need any help from me.


Letter of Love

I just want to say I love you. You are my heart-beat and my dream.
If there are no more days and nights or the roof of the sky be no more, my heart is for you and yours for me. I will forever love you and stand by you, babe.
Ride on, shine on. No star is higher and brighter than you.
You are the breath of my life.
Yours affectionately,


Release: 27 October 2010  . Buy Now...       
Copyright: Dr. Joel Akande


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